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Kawuba Enterprises (“KE”) is a multinational privately-held conglomerate with a philosophy of doing well and doing good, and a focus on long-term performance rather than being limited by short-term returns. Our mission is to build a diverse, balanced, and ever-expanding portfolio strategically spread across different industries and geographies with strong underlying growth and potential, and managed in a decentralized, autonomous manner. As an entrepreneurial, future-facing and customer-centric holding company, we support and invest in our people, companies and platforms. We also pursue strategic acquisitions and partners that align with our values, complement and strengthen our portfolio, accelerate our growth, increase our global presence and expand our capabilities. And through various programs and initiatives, we help to improve, grow and advance the industries, markets and ecosystems in which we operate, work with countries to design the right incentives and strategies to attract Foreign Direct Investment and bring international companies into client countries.

At the heart of Kawuba Enterprises is a passion for innovation and creativity, a desire to push the boundaries and the courage to explore the unexplored. Our aim is to be a premier conglomerate with industry and market leading companies, ventures, projects and initiatives.


We are a values-driven organization. Our values ground us. They are principles to which we aspire. Our values represent the pillars of the shared culture we are building every day—one in which we are inspired to execute on our mission, vision and goals. Our core values are: teamwork, integrity, trust, accountability, respect, commitment, performance, excellence, transparency, courage, innovation, giving back.


We are all about our companies and initiatives thriving through courageous leadership, a clear vision, exceptional people, entrepreneurial independence and group synergies. In general, our model is to retain a strong leader who runs each company and venture while we stay in service to them as needed to ensure they are executing well. We integrate our portfolio under a common culture and set of operating principles and encourage collaboration among our teams to stimulate creativity, accelerate learning and exploit symbiotic opportunities.